It has been reviewed.

Oh hey, we’re done here.

Thanks to everyone for reading, commenting, and sharing the blog with your friends. If you got a lot of joy from it, maybe consider donating $5 here.

Special thanks to my amazing editor Jerrika, who rocks and shouldn’t EVER change.

This blog will live at this address for a while, since I think I found a new hosting plan that will allow that. So some people will be visiting this blog for the first time, a while from now, and see this post. Welcome! You can start here and access all posts here. I promise all posts aren’t as long as the first review. Enjoy, and always remember to lather and rinse but not repeat.

(And if you want in on my new writing project, you can check it out here!)


20 thoughts on “It has been reviewed.

  1. This has been a DELIGHT to read, and a wonderful constant in my life — thank you. I’m so proud of you for being done finally!!! And also thanks for giving me a reason to scour my old middle school journals for mentions of Lizzie/Gordo, those are a trip.


  2. Thanks for this blog. Even though it’s been a long, arduous road for you (and you’re glad to be done with it), we’re gonna miss it.

    Lizzie Mcguire Reviewed coming to an end; IMDB message boards coming to an end. Oh what to do?


  3. Ayyyy, coolie! I donated. Thanks again for this! Sorry for being a total dirk when I first found the blog. It’s been real. I’m outie.


  4. Congrats! I enjoyed reading and talking about how awful Lizzie McGuire actually was, will miss looking forward to new posts every week. Good luck on future projects!


  5. Thank you so much for doing this! I took a lot of joy out of watching a show that I admittedly really like get eviscerated. I don’t know if that’s indicative of something deeply wrong with me, but this has been such a fun blog to read! 🙂

    Are there any other shows that you want to tear to shreds?


    1. There’s gotta be more wrong with me that I actually started this blog. I’ve considered other projects, but I don’t really have the time to dedicate to them and I need to focus on making my own shit instead of ripping apart other people’s!


  6. Thanks for writing this blog. I enjoyed the ride.
    You rock.
    Don’t ever change.
    And only I really mean it. 🙂


  7. This is an awesome blog to read as I have the episodes play on demand. Keep up the amazing work.

    Curious to know, what do you think of Andi Mack?


  8. Do you read fanfiction? I’d like to hear your thoughts on some of the writings of christylee, who has written for Lizzie McGuire. In my opinion, this is some of the best Lizzie McGuire fanfiction I’ve ever read. She’s written mostly for Gordo, which I know you don’t particularly care for even though you thought he had some good moments.

    Here’s her profile in case you’re interested.


  9. I was having such a good dream that I didn’t get to finish.

    I was a guest star on the new Lizzie McGuire spin-off, and I was serenading Hilary Duff with the song Gone Gone Gone by Phillip Phillips. I was reaching my favorite part of the song when I woke up.

    Just thought I would share that.


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